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Dole Fruit Bars? (Popsicles)

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traineo Newbie
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Jun 4, 2010
Posted: June 04, 2010
I try to be pretty health conscious and keep healthy food in the house, but I also watch over my grandchildren. So i don't want to be too strict in their diets, after all they're still kids. So as a treat/dessert for them (and myself) i picked up these Dole "fruit bars", I think they just started making them again. These popsicles are made with real fruit and only have 90 calories each, so i just wanted to hear all your opinions on these fruit bars. So are they as good for me as i hope they are? also, what do you do to satisfy your sweet tooth?
traineo Guru
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Jul 11, 2007
Posted: June 06, 2010
I LOVE those Dole fruite bars - especially the strawberry ones with actual real bits of fruit in them. Yes! feel good about having them and especially about giving them to your grand kids. They're awesome! I don't have the label to look at, but I remember checking before and remember feeling great about them!

Enjoy - come on summer!!
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